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Life on stage - Our life on stage!

In 2004 Anja Konjen, then together with Claudia (accordion), founded the Tango Orchestra Tango Misterio.

Over the years, the cast has changed and expanded. Today Tango Misterio performs with a regular line-up of five musicians. We come from Upper Lusatia and Argentina.

We are united by our love for the precision of baroque music as well as our openness to creative, new and modern influences. There are so many influences in tango. From the emergence and development of different cultures and rhythms of immigrants in the port districts of Argentina and Uruguay. From the "Golden Age" of the tango of the 1920s and 1930s, which is perceived by many as the real tango, to the genius Astor Pantaleon Piazzolla with his modern reinterpretation and the foundation of Tango Nuevo in the 1950s. Futhermore should contemporary musicians be mentioned, who burn for the tango and still shape the music today.

We are pleased to be part of the preservation of the cultural heritage Tango Argentino. And we celebrate creativity and development in music. We play, we interpret and we compose ourselves. We teach and design. We live in music. We live tango on stage.

In February 2017, as part of a joint concert series with our close friend Orqeusta Municipal de Tango La Plata, we were awarded the honorary citizenship of the city of La Plata (Argentina) by the mayor of the city. We are proud of this, because it is a measure of the authenticity of our music. And it is a bridge to the distant homeland Argentina. Just as emigrants from Europe became part of the Argentine Tango at that time, we would like to share a piece of argentinian sense of home with immigrants from Argentina and all those interested.

Tango Misterio, that is:

Piano - Anja Konjen
Violine - Katrin Wehle
Violoncello - Helfried Knopsmeier
Double bass - Alexander Göpfert
Accordion - Marta Uchmanowicz
Vocal - Adriana Macchi

Recurring and permanent guests:
Accordion - Marta Uchmanowicz
Drums - Wenzel Konjen

In instrumentations from a duo to the full ensemble with guest musicians, we enrich your milonga, your concert evening, your celebrations or your event. Playing for the concert, we are happy to supplement your music with stories about tango and photographic impressions from and about Buenos Aires. If necessary, we bring amplifier technology.

Anja Konjen - Piano

Diploma musician, correpetitor, soloist, piano teacher
Studied classical piano at the University of Music Carl Maria von Weber Dresden with a focus on piano pedagogy and correpetition.
Masters piano and harpsichord equally brilliant. Head of the Department of Keyboard Instruments of the County Music School in Bautzen. Teaches mainly piano and correpetition.
Works regularly with soloists, played with the Sorbian National Ensemble, was a co-founder and harpsichordist in the Pezelius Ensemble.

Adriana Macchi - Voice

Study of administration, singer.
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Studied administrative sciences at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Buenos Aires.
Has sung Argentinian folklore up to the traditional competition Cosquin, performed with different groups, sings, plays piano and guitar, and dances contemporary. Lives in Görlitz since 2005.

Katrin Wehle - Violin

Diploma musician, orchestral musician, violin teacher
Studied at the University of Music Franz Liszt in Weimar.
Teaches violin at the County Music School in Bautzen. Played in the Neue Lausitzer Philharmonie and in the Sorbian National Ensemble, played in the Philharmonic Orchestra Cottbus, and was engaged as a baroque violinist in the Pezelius Ensemble.

Helfried Knopsmeier - Violoncello

Diploma musician, composer and arranger, solo cellist, cello teacher
Studied cello at the University of Music Carl Maria von Weber Dresden.
Plays as a solo cellist in the Sorbian National Ensemble, plays in various chamber music formations. Teaches cello at the County Music School Bautzen.

Alexander Göpfert - Double bass

Diploma musician, orchestral musician, double bass teacher
Studied double bass at the Academy of Music and Theatre Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Leipzig. Teaches double bass at the Municipal Music School Johann Adam Hiller Görlitz and at the County Music School Bautzen.
Is worldwide en route as a double bass player. Plays in the Neue Lausitzer Philharmonie, the Sinfonietta Dresden, the Sorbian National Ensemble, the Berlin Metropolitan Orchestra, the Duo Infinita, and the Lusatian Baroque Ensemble.

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