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Konzert und Milonga
life on stage
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Tango Misterio current events:

"Planning" means, that the date or location is not yet completelly set up, but we are working very hard to be there for and with you! Like a "safe-the-date".

04.12.2020 Planning: Concert or Milonga Görlitz. Information will follow.

05.12.2020 Bautzen Chamber Concert in the Maria-und-Martha-Church, August-Bebel-Platz Bautzen, 19.30 o'clock.

06.12.2020 Planning: Milonga-Cafe at the 'Waschhaus' in Potsdam. Information will follow.
06.12.2020 Planning: Evening Milonga in Potsdam, Palais Lichtenau. Information will follow.

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